VERNEZ – innovative fashion app to create your own magazine & get outfit inspiration

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Vernez ( is an innovative app that lets users create magazine-looking content and share with others. From outfit ideas to trend stories with all products shoppable, Vernez unites a creative and fashion forward community to inspire shoppers. VERNEZ users can also follow each other, as well as following individual garments to receive feeds of style ideas around them, delivering a truly personalised fashion discovery experience.
Vernez was born out of Moyang Yang obsession with fashion magazines: “When more and more content emerges online, it became harder to find relevant information, that suits my style, my price range, let alone getting tangible style ideas on particular things I have or want. When I saw the boom of everyday people becoming so eager (and very good at) sharing own styles through social networks, I knew this was my calling to start a fun platform to let the creatives create, and let people in need find what they look for.”- explains Moyang Yang
“During our trial period early this year, we came across many very talented users, who are not only passionate about fashion, but also extremely good at visual and written expressions. Many of them dreamed of becoming a fashion editor in the future, and felt that our platform gave them the opportunity to practice and showcase their abilities. Being touched by their passion, we launched a program called Vernez Influencers Academy in July 2015 (together with our app launch), to help these talents learn new skills, network with brands, and promote them as much as we can.” – stated Moyang Yang. (
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